Photo Scanner by Photomyne App Reviews

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Need a Scanner


Great app!!!!

Love it!

Efficient and very user friendly


Just got great. Easy, fast and a great result!

Good functionality but misleading

While initially amazed at the functionality, I was disappointed to learn that after saving photos to my iPhone and sharing with others, they were able to view the photo but were unable to manipulate the photos in iPhoto or other software. We were forced to purchase the cloud service and repeat the process of sharing the photos in order to accomplish this.


Rarely do I pay for an app. Rarely do I review apps, but this app is deserving of both. Im amazing at the picture scan abilities. It makes the pictures crisp and clear and the touch up feature works great. I had a box of old photos that I wanted to be digital and this app does not disappoint. I highly recommend if you are a child of the non-digital photo age and you want to preserve your photos.

Very useful App

I was happy to discover this photo App. Its very easy to use and I was able to scan several old photos and save to my phone and computer. Great quality too!

Great app

Wow what a great App. I recently came across the need to scan several albums and share them with my relatives This app met my needs exactly I hope everyone else enjoys it

Excellent App

Easy and quick way to scan, edit and share photos with family and friends. I like it very much.

Easy but grainy pictures

Very easy to use and great for quick scanning. But quality is a bit grainy and keep getting "edges" of the album in the scanned copy.


I LOVE this app! It does a very good job scanning old family photos. Its fast, and I can share my photos with the family.


I love this app! I had boxes and boxes of pictures through the years of my kids growing up. I decided to do a surprise 40 year birthday present for my son by doing a digital photo book of him from infancy to 21. This made scanning and editing quick and easy! I highly recommend it.

If it only let you keep the pics

Love this! The only downside is if you delete the app you lose you pictures. No matter what. They are MY pictures. Id like to keep them. App or no app.


Its easy to scan lots of old photos. The quality could be better. But, Im not complaining. It accomplished what I wanted the app to do.

Beware of privacy issues

You grant Photomyne license to use any content you upload..for any purpose they choose including public display

Awesome App

This is an amazing app that lets you scan photos right from an old photo album! Most of my pictures were kept in photo albums with the sticky paper and plastic overlay. After many years, the photos are nearly impossible to remove without ripping them. This app lets you save your photos to your phone or save them in other ways! You can edit them too!!!

Love love love this app! My new fav!!


It worked very well for album transfer. I found that indirect sunlight worked best to avoid glare. I will, however, look forward to the next upgrade.

Solved the problem

Good way to get photos into digital format efficiently. It would help if photos that are shared could be commented on by those who receive. Also if photos were numbered as they are entered in album. Overall a good system.


The app is nice however, I do not care for the auto crop and color features. The crop tool can be improved as well!

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