Photo Scanner Plus 应用的评论


Great app!

I have used Photomyne Lite and Photomyne Plus to Scan about 3000 old photos. It is a great app and the support staff is very helpful if you have problems!

Awesome App!!!

I couldn’t believe how easy it was! Best app ever! Very easy to navigate. Thanks. Was going to buy an Epson scanner for $600 +! Not any more!

Love this app

This app is awesome for making albums and being able to share them just as a link to a text or email. Everybody loves the idea. Love, love, love this!

This app is much easier to use than other similar apps,the quality is good

I tried google photo scanner, it takes several steps to scan , and the results largely replying on how good u can manually operates it, but this app is easy to use, just hold for 3 secs , and the app takes care of the rest

Rip Off App

This rip off is advertised as a 99 cent app that makes copies of your photos. First of all, when you buy it for 99 cents you are getting a one week “trial”but must register for a year’s service for another $20 in order to even try it. Second, the app is no better, that I can tell, than just taking a free photo using your iPhone camera of photos you want to copy. I couldn’t be more disappointed in Apple for vouching for this rip off app.

Brilliant life saver!

I needed to scan photos for a friends funeral and had very little time to get it done. This App saved me so much time and effort & did a great job!!!

Nickel and dime you

Don’t buy this app works for a while Then they try to get more money and it’s not worth that.


I paid for this app brought a new iPhone and iPad. Can’t find record of my purchased

Best Photo Scanner Available!

I bought two photo scanning apps at the same time; one for $4.99, and Photomyne for $0.99. I should have saved money and just gone with Photomyne because it is awesome! Able to scan four pictures at once and this one scan then create individual shots. App automatically crops pictures, which is a time saver. Able to create albums and move pictures among these albums. Great editing tools, and economical ability to sign up for unlimited cloud storage. Also, you are able to creat a family page for photo sharing. Excellent app and I would highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to digitally copy old family photographs. Thanks Photomyne for high quality app and affordable file storage! 👍💋

Great app

This app works just like the demo they show.

Beautiful Pictures

Memories are so important 👏👏👏

Best photo app ever

With nothing to do on this snowy Sunday, I finally had no excuse but to tackle the problem of scanning seven years of photos from albums to my computer. This app makes it so easy because it’s so easy to use. Big problem solved. So happy!

Best App for photo pictures ever!!

Love it, love it, love it. Best app ever!


This is exactly what i needed to organize my photos !! awesome !

It is renewal yearly without notice

$19.99 was automaticly billed without notice. Very bad police. Be aware!

Photomyne a Good Buy

Easy way to get those pictures out of boxes & scrapbooks into an online scrapbook which adjusts each picture to give you a good memory.

Photos that touch the heart

These photos definitely touch my heart. Thanks for submitting❣️


FN rip off, you pay for the app then have to pay a subscription to use it. I hate FN scammers.

GREAT APP!!! Saves me money not having to pay for a scanning service.

Get it NOW

Very useful...

This app is great for quickly scanning a photo album if you just wanted to share it with someone over a conversation. It doesn’t beat a regular scanner but this is the best second choice I could find.

Great app.

One of the most useful apps I’ve ever got.

Scanning old photos faster than ever!

I tried another app and this one is worth the upgrade. I’ve been scanning my mom’s old photos from magnetic albums and this has made it go so much faster! Very easy to do and they turn out great. I’ve compared the quality vs my flatbed scanner and these are even better quality!

Wants 19$/year to start

Before letting you check it wants to get your password for your iTunes account that does not look iPhone request Then wants $19/month

Amazing App!

I recently lost my uncle to cancer. We were faced with the task of transferring a couple hundred photos of him during his lifetime to display on poster boards for his wake and funeral. Many of these photos were glued into old albums and would have been ruined if we attempted to remove them. Your app was the amazingly simple solution! In less than one day, we were able to capture all these photos, unharmed, and upload to a website to be printed into huge collages for display. In addition, we wanted to display a large 11x14 photo of just my uncle, but one didn’t exist. With this app, I was able to snap a small 3x5 picture of him and then print a huge 11x14. I didn’t think it would look anywhere near as good as it did...we framed it and it looked great! Photomyne was the perfect, quick solution to a task that could have taken days to do!

Highest quality of all photo scanners

App works great to scan multiple photos. Although, the app likes the crash some times. Please add features like glare removal (Google’s free app has this) and ability to edit EXIF data. The quality is the best I have used.

It dosent let you edit the location of the actual photo

It says you can add location info to each photo scanned. But it doesn't let you add the geotag to the photo itself. It just istays in Photomyne and if you take the photo out of the app the date transfers with the photo but not the location of it. I felt this was both frustrating and not truthful.

‏Excellent and beautiful

Wonderful and distinctive

Relief in a great package

I am so thrilled to have discovered this app. For years I have looked to scan old clunky, bulky albums turning yellow and finally have found the perfect solution. Only thing missing, being able to print into a small book directly from the same app.

Works great!

Highly recommend!

Old memories

Love this app I have scanned almost 300 photos so far. I found my late grandma photo albums but she glued all photos in album so I’m surprising my mom for Christmas with all new pictures. Thanks to this app I can do this quickly. Can’t say enough good things about it love love love.

First experiences with phitomyne

I have thousands and thousands of photos from our six children growing up. I spent most of the day yesterday looking through one batch of photographs when our children were young. I sent out photos to all of the kids, who are now grown with families of their own. If there were several of them in a photo I sent to all of them at once so I saw their responses and their conversations about the photos coming back to my phone as well. It was such a fun day, reading all of their memories and seeing how they laughed and joked about things. What wonderful family connections were made because of this app! In my estimation if you hold the phone very still, and you are in good light, the scanner does nearly as brilliant a job as My full-size expensive scanner. I have not tried printing them, so I have no opinion on print, but for sharing on social media or sending pictures to others, it’s just wonderful and fun thing. Karren in Sandy Utah

Best app ever!!

Ist tried this app on our wedding album (from 1966). It took me 10 minutes. Now our 4 sons & their families have digital copies of “the starting line”. My sister gave me boxes of old family photos b&w, sepia. I was going to scan a few but now I can’t wait. I tell everyone one I meet about this app. This app will definitely be adding features for more capability. One question for today. Can I add jpgs to my photomyne albums?


Excellent choice of pic


This is a great app for quick digitalization of your old photos. Of course, you can then spend hours touching up and making albums and such.


This has been the best app to scan photos and documents- then to share them in several areas. Becoming preference over flatbeds and other apps. Edits and overall quality is excellent.

History preserved

I love this app. I am scanning in all of my historical family photos. They are now preserved!


I like the photo choices transferred or placed in contact reference. Fun to make choices in organizing photo. My favorites are all together when I need to show and tell! I look forward and excited to open my photomyne when I miss friends and family living away from home, it’s just a wonderful idea, well thought out idea! 5 star rated.

Good aspects but flawed

This app made it easy to scan photos. I took time to enter descriptions for each old photo. The problem with this app is that titles and descriptions only live in the app. All that info is lost when you export photos. SOooo frustrating to have to enter all info again. Hoping they fix, but I’ll need to go back to Google photo until they do.

Awesome way to Scan Photos!!

It is fantastic and so easy to use! And also very easy to share. I think the photos come out better then I expected.. Another great feature, you can improve your old photos if they have become too dark. I love that feature. So easy!

Love the app!

Works great! I must have already scanned hundreds of old family photos

Looks good on devices only

I have close to 500 old photos that I've been meaning to scan and put in a photo album for my mom for this Christmas. My husband suggested I try one of those apps that will scan and enhance my photos so I stumbled upon this app, I even bought it because the video looked so awesome. On my phone the picture scanning deal became a breeze and I was amazed how great they look after automatically been fixed. It wasn't until upload the images to a photo book creating website and started creating the album when I noticed all the photos are very grainy and blurry. I work with photoshop and realized that this apps corrects the scanned photos by aggressively sharpening the image which resulted in grainy and in some cases pixelated images. They do not look good at all, in the real photos you can see detail, in the scanned version you lose detail and get that awkward grainy/blurry look. I guess that's what happens when I tried a shortcut. Thai app is only good if you want to save your old photos to upload to social media or your computer. Print quality is very low.

Scan by Phone

This is a great little AP which light and color corrects while camera “scanning” old photos

Greatest App!

Since I downloaded this app in 2016 I have archived over 8,000 photographs! Hard to believe, but true. It started as a way to store all my parents old slides and photos so I didn’t have to store all of their albums. It escalated from there into my personal family photos and beyond. So much faster that using a tabletop scanner. And the ability to share all these images with out-of-town family members using the web feature is wonderful. And there is the option to identify each photo with pertinent info, if you so choose. The list of features goes on. Can’t say enough good things about this App.

Not Happy

Am I reading something wrong? I purchased this 99 cent app only to discover I have to pay $20 per year to use it?

Breeze through your albums to digitalization

Take hours off traditional scanning process!


Love love love this app. I am so excited about saving my photos to one digital place. It works great!

Easy to capture, edit and review

I have so many pictures from my ancestors in albums and many are loose in shoeboxes. This application allowed me, with minimum effort, to capture entire pages of albums, then edit and document (comment) those pics that I desired and share with the rest of my family. It has an outstanding photo capture mode that all you need to do is to shoot a whole page of photos with your cell phone and it separates every picture individually. I recommend it to anyone that wants to save hundreds of decaying pictures for posterity and enjoyment of the extended family. I am interested in cresting e-scrap books but I do not think this app provides that capability. Still, it is worth the little investment since it saves hundreds of dollars if you were to do it through a photo copy service.

iPad app

I had trouble deciphering the icons. I'd like a more descriptive user interface, and a how to video for iPad. However thanks to good tech support I figured it out. The important thing to know is you have to hold down the button for three seconds to take a scan. It also has to be held still, which is hard with the iPad. I'm going to make a frame to hold it and try that.


Super easy to use and creates a digital album in no time! I wish there was an. option to tell it not to crop when scanning a whole page. But its easy to plow through changes after you add all your pages. Easy to share and easy to use! Highly recommend. (I paid for the subscription and am not using the freeware version)

Works great with google photos

Scanned my pics saved to my phone and straight to Google Photos. Very well worth the .99 price

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