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Not Happy

Am I reading something wrong? I purchased this 99 cent app only to discover I have to pay $20 per year to use it?

Breeze through your albums to digitalization

Take hours off traditional scanning process!


Love love love this app. I am so excited about saving my photos to one digital place. It works great!

Easy to capture, edit and review

I have so many pictures from my ancestors in albums and many are loose in shoeboxes. This application allowed me, with minimum effort, to capture entire pages of albums, then edit and document (comment) those pics that I desired and share with the rest of my family. It has an outstanding photo capture mode that all you need to do is to shoot a whole page of photos with your cell phone and it separates every picture individually. I recommend it to anyone that wants to save hundreds of decaying pictures for posterity and enjoyment of the extended family. I am interested in cresting e-scrap books but I do not think this app provides that capability. Still, it is worth the little investment since it saves hundreds of dollars if you were to do it through a photo copy service.

iPad app

I had trouble deciphering the icons. I'd like a more descriptive user interface, and a how to video for iPad. However thanks to good tech support I figured it out. The important thing to know is you have to hold down the button for three seconds to take a scan. It also has to be held still, which is hard with the iPad. I'm going to make a frame to hold it and try that.


Super easy to use and creates a digital album in no time! I wish there was an. option to tell it not to crop when scanning a whole page. But its easy to plow through changes after you add all your pages. Easy to share and easy to use! Highly recommend. (I paid for the subscription and am not using the freeware version)

Works great with google photos

Scanned my pics saved to my phone and straight to Google Photos. Very well worth the .99 price

An awesome application

This application makes the process of bringing special moments closer, by having them in a mobile phone or tablet any time

What a scam!

You have to pay for the app in the App Store. Then you have to pay to use the service. Apparently it’s only a free trial then $20 a year. Of course it’s too good to be true.

Awesome app

So easy to scan abs share.


Very fast, very easy to use, very handy! I have hundreds of pictures to scan and this app can handle it. I scanned about 70 pictures in 30 minutes, and this was the first time using the app! Highly recommend this to anyone with tons of old pics setting in boxes.

Great app!

It’s really amazing how it sorts the pictures. I really like it.


I have been looking for an app like this for years... this seems like the ONE. After parents left behind volumes and volumes of paper photos, now have a place to capture these memories for 30-40 yrs ago. Thank you. This is an incredibly well-designed app, i will be sure to share with others.

Ron Bounin

You're misleading. It stated that this app is $.99. Yet in your app it states $ 19.99 as of December 2nd. Cancel me immediately !! No longer interested .


App Store description speaks of "in-app purchases" & shows several options. Once you've downloaded it & start setting it up, it speaks of a "free trial" followed by $20 annual subscription. That's what I'd call bait and switch. Very disappointing!

I'm impressed

This is great! Easy to use,the pictures look better then my very old originals. After the recent natural disasters across the country, I thought wouldn't it be better to have your irreplaceable memories stored on your pad which is easy to grab and go,plus they are also in the cloud.

Tries to secretly charge you.

Software really didn’t work all that well. But what really angered me, was that they try to set you up with a recurring payment on the sly. First button says start, then there is a continue button. Read before selecting continue. If you choose continue you are agreeing to a recurring payment. Very shifty on their part.


Bought it and when downloading would not finish so I am out money for nothing.

Awesome app but bad cropping

This app is so much quicker than scanning! But I have to fix the cropping it does because it doesn’t do a good job all the time. Still going to use it though!

Excellent App

This an excellent App, very easy to use to scan, organize and share collection of old photos. Highly recommended.

Great program

Saved many hours of scanning. It makes presentation books easier to produce.

"Crop magic" not so magical

This app is terrible. I've now tried to use it on several photos and each time it implements the "crop magic", the crop is terribly skewed; very uneven, cutting off significant portions of the photograph. I reached out to request support and never heard back so I am requesting a refund.

Disappointed with app and support

I paid a lot for this app. On the plus side I can take photos of multiple photos at a time. However, I turned on the cloud only option and now the photos will no longer save to my phone, only the cloud. I’ve set up a support call and I was never called. I’ve received support responses by email and was told once you turn on the cloud setting you can never turn it off. Support doesn’t seem to care about it honestly. Their response is just ‘once cloud only is in it is on’.

Photomyne review

I like Photomyne because I can do things that with apps I cannot do, like scanning the scenery while actually taking the picture, and also if there is The slightest shaking or movement the shutter will not work, so you will always have a great picture!

Just started

Just started with app. So far love it

Gr8 app

It makes old photos look so clear.

Love this app!

Easy quick efficient.... I highly recommend it!

You Purchase an App and Have a Monthly Subscription to Us It

Talk about a rip off! I purchased this app to download pictures to my library. I don't want to keep them on this account, nor do I believe it right to have to pay a monthly subscription for an app that will only be used once in a while. Better to use PhotoScan! Not happy with this purchase at all!

Old memories

Love this app I have scanned almost 300 photos so far. I found my late grandma photo albums but she glued all photos in album so I’m surprising my mom for Christmas with all new pictures. Thanks to this app I can do this quickly. Can’t say enough good things about it love love love.

The Best

I have photos all over in boxes, in albums that are falling apart, loose in drawers and closets. This app was an answer to my prayers. It will take time but I will eventually have 100 years of photos organized.

Disappointed with support

Purchased app used it to scan 30+ pics using iPad but then ran in a problem moving that album to my laptop. Wanted to move pics to iPhoto to utilize in iMovie on my laptop. After purchase received an email stating welcome and if I had any problems told to contact an individual. Emailed for help, no response for hours. Attempted to use phone support, told appointment had to be made, first available 4 days from then. Finally, had email reply but was a generic page of suggested answers to various problems. Used the closest offering and the page didn't match what my screen was showing. Over 5 hours passed before I could figure out how to resolve issue. Cancelled app on the spot, service is poor. Will try to find an other app that is supported.

A favorite

I love this app. It is so easy to capture old photos whether loose or in albums. I scanned a 20 page album in about 30 minutes. It took another 20 minutes to run through the scanned photos and label them. Presto! Saved!!

Saving years of memories in only hours of time.

I not only have photo albums, I have many boxes of photos. I don’t know how I would deal with them without Photomyne. The excellent camera in the iPad Pro is perfect for the job. Scanning 4 photos at a time is a lifesaver.

Family albums

The best time for me to use this app is when I travel to my relatives home and we are looking at old photos and I want a few for my collection. Also for my parents old photos to be put onto the internet which is very convenient with this app.

Amazing with all photos



I love the app, it makes scanning pictures so easy!!!!!


Impossible to cancel. Please cancel I don't like it.

So simple to use.

Using this app to create a digital family photo album is so easy and fast. I have a large quantity of family photos, I want them but don’t have space to store them. This app has allowed me to quickly scan in photos, store them, and also download the files to a backup drive. I then have been able to distribute the hard copies to other family members, which has been a great blessing to some who have lost large quantities of family photos. I have and will continue to recommend this app to others.

I'm having fun on memory lane.

I was a bit skeptical at first. But I really enjoy what this app can do. It's not perfect, but it definitely gets the job done. I look forward to future enhancements. Update: I’m still loving this app! I think it’s gotten even better!

Easy & Fun

This app takes the chore out of working with old photos. Scan and build an album. You can edit quickly. Then share with friends and family. Photo preservation made easy.

Best app!

Scanned tons of photos with just a touch! Love it!


Great app

More than just photos

Photomyne had become my go to scanner, especially for my art work, I take scans at different stages shoo I can see the progress. I can then share a post. Very handy and the coercion for angle makes it easy to get a shot without shadow.

New scan app

Very satisfied with my new scan app.


So easy to use. Just started but going well

Total Scam! Watch out!

It doesn't tell you it takes 20bucks to start using it, before you spent the $0.99 thinking you've bought it.

$5 for the app then another $20 per year!

What a scam. Disputing this purchase.

Love this... easy to use!


I love this. I use it daily. I await the day that videos can be saved.

No more Heirloom

I was very disappointed when my folders were lost in Heirloom, but this app is very good. I'm taking time to go through hundreds of scans, making folders and entering information. So far it's been pretty easy.

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