Photo Scanner Plus 应用的评论


Great program

Really like this program. Have tried others, but to me, this one is the best. I’ve scanned hundreds of photos. It is very fast and easy to use. Highly recommend this to anyone wanting to scan their photos.

Worth it

The title says it all exactly as promised! :)

Better than not scanning

I agree than this app is not as good as a flatbed scanner meant for photo scanning. The scans with this app don’t have the details that the originals have. But I still recommend it. I was able to scan all our family photo albums in less than two hours. That’s more than a hundred images. The app is incredibly fast and easy to use. Now I have a digital copy of everything. It’s done. If I get time I will do really good scans on my flatbed. But that project will take months or years to finish. It’s also a perfect app for keeping a copy of all the artwork/school work my son brings home from school. I quick snap a photo then toss the originals.

Love this app!

Photomyne is making the job of converting old family pix into digital files so easy! It’s super fast and I’m astounded by its ability to break apart a page of pix from an album into individual shots! Highly recommend!


I’ve been waiting for an app like this! You can scan pictures so quickly and so accurately it doesn’t make sense to send them off to a company to get it done.

Easy as taking a picture I love it !👍💕😊

I was reluctant to try this but I'm so glad I did. Uploaded all my treasures in about an hour for 365 pictures


Easy to use and pics are awesome. The app does everything for you!

Scanning my away

I am a photo scanner, I want all of my memories scanned to a hard drive that is kept in a fire protected box. This app is just so easy to use and it is with me at all times, since it is on my phone. Recently I was at a family reunion and my cousin brought pictures to share, I scanned them right on the spot love it

I love this app!

I have scanned all of the paper scrapbook pages I have created since 1999 in 2 weeks! Amazing!

Trick you into recurring payments...

I haven’t even used the app yet, and I’m giving it ONE star. Why? Because it TRICKS you into paying $19.99 per year, and signing up for a recurring payment. I was clicking my way through their how-to section, and the next thing I know, it’s thanking me for my payment! It didn’t even say how much I’d paid them! I had to wait for their email receipt! Crooked!


Quick and easy, I love it!

Don’t download this!

After 6 days of trying it on various old photos, I was charged $21.78. There is no notice that they are now going to charge you. This is the annual fee you have to pay plus can’t get to your photos if you don’t pay. The photos turned out grainy. I ended up just taking photos with my eye phone and they were better quality. This is a total waste of money.

Love this app!

I use this to scan in all my pictures in my (many) photo albums so I can either share with family or just keep ‘on file’. It is a very easy app to use, and I highly recommend it.

Great useful app

I bought this app and find it extremely useful. I have thousands of pics to upload for the last 40 years and have been going steadily at it. The better the original picture quality the better the result. Many of my old pics (30 year color) get a little grainy, but the pictures were originally grainy (cheap installation 35mm) I don’t mind. I’m storing my memories, not trying to change the images to something they weren’t. This really beats turning in all the negatives! That was expensive!


I can’t say enough about this app. I love it!

Rip off

I purchased for the .99 and then when opening app, there is another charge. I deleted app!

Impressive app!

This app does an amazing job! I highly recommend it!

Easy and fun!

This app makes using old photos a ton of fun to share and enjoy! So easy to use!


Once I paid .99 for the app, they immediately posted that this was a 7 day trial and subsequently was 19.99 per month. I had better not be charged for this. The quality of “scanned” photos is grainy, you are better off purchasing a scanner and using this method to copy prints.

Just What I Needed!!!

So far so amazing! I’m so excited I needed this terribly, it popped up while playing I think Words With Friends, and it looked perfect!! Been having to send my daughter photos for her wedding and this couldn’t have been more perfect timing. So far this app is just wonderful, absolutely wonderful! Thank you thank you thank you!!


This is a wonderful ap which does what it says it will.... it captures a beautiful image and saves it in the cloud and you can access it from anywhere with unlimited storage for a one time charge of $59.95... a fantastic buy! You will never lose your precious photos and the older you are, the more important they become!

.99 cents is wrong its .19.99 a year plus whatever you buy.

I sure hope I get my .99 cents back I uninstalled it as soon as I seen the costs associated with the App.

Rip off

Be aware that any photo you scan with this app is viewable ONLY so long as you pay $60 for the annual subscription. You cancel? The app scrambles your images.

Good, solid app

It’s a pretty good app and performs without glitches, so far. It would be nice, since this is a photo app, to be able to add borders of various types. . . Especially since one of the drawbacks of the app is that it sometimes removes borders that are present on the image.

Remember it isn’t a true scan or copy

If you have a new iPhone you can get better quality by taking a photo of the photo. This is an app and it is truly just taking a picture. If the picture does not lay flat oryour lighting is off the software doesn’t help with that. Sorry it is an app not software. If you use online banking and you do a deposit, if the picture isn’t clear you get an instant notice, this doesn’t even do that. It isn’t a 19.99 app, it is a 4.99 app. In addition the editor on this is sub standard. Use your iPhone and spend the extra on editing software.

Great scanner

This is unbelievable. Not I can take the pictures salvaged from the hurricane and send it to my family.

It’s so easy

I can’t believe how easy it is to scan and edit.


This is the first time I used app. Very impressed. *****

Great app

This is a great app


It’s much easier than I expected! I’m sold! Amazing app :)

Great app!!!!

I don’t have too many apps I find useful but this one is the greatest. Saved me from buying a scanner. I am killing my family with all the old photos 😳

Not worth the money

They do not clearly outline that the money you pay is a test for a week. After that they want to charge you for the year. Thanks but no thanks...your edit on your phone gives you the same end result for zero dollars...buyer beware!

Horrible piece of technology!!!

I thought I was getting something that would make scanning old photos easier but I was wrong! The actual procedure is no more simple than actually taking a picture and cropping it yourself! On top of that you can only access the photos through the software, the app does everything it can to prevent you from saving images to your phone so your friends can view them without downloading and using their software!!!😡😡😡😡😡

Don't Go Here

I thought I bought this app for 99 cents. But try to use it and they flash up a sign-up fee for $19.99.

Great app!

Really fun and easy!

Love It!!

Great product. Makes scanning so easy!

Charge the customer and charge again. And again

You pay a small sum first to get the app. Then you can download it. Then you may find out that after your “free” period you will be charged a fee automatically EVERY YEAR. What is this? I want to get rid of it right away.

Works Perfect

This app works perfectly for scanning in photos and is really easy to use.

Terrible Photo Quality

The pages of my aunt's 1940s era photo album were too large to be scanned, and the photos had been glued to the pages. Rather than rip the album apart, I used this app to scan the pages, hoping to use the Photomyne share function to make her cherished old snapshots accessible to my large extended family. Unfortunately, the scan quality was awful. While the auto-crop feature worked well, the auto-restoration process left every picture so grainy and blurry the subjects were barely recognizable. Not one was even remotely suitable for producing a decent quality reprint, making them worthless for sharing with family and friends. Ultimately I had to deconstruct my aunt's album after all, and scan the pictures on a flatbed scanner. I give the app an A for concept and effort, but an F for execution.

Not great

Not impressed

I’m not agreeing to pay $19.99

You can’t try it out until you agree to pay 19.99 I want my $1 back what a rip off

Love It

Love the app.

Great app

This is a great app for scanning old photos and sharing with family and friends. I would like to have the ability to upload pictures already in the computer to be able to organize all in one place but this app doesn’t offer those capabilities. I would also like the ability to create albums that are private, not just individual photos. Something to consider


I just got the APP and it seems to be working real good. Love it.


You essentially get nothing for your $.99 and less you give them 20 bucks a year. I think that they are paying people to give this good reviews.

Cannot readily access your scanned photos

It seems like once you scan your photos (and you pay to do that), You cannot readily download them into another app or photo file on your computer. To me it feels like my photos are being held hostage

New to app!

Haven’t even done more than a couple items and I’m IMPRESSED! Awesome!!

This app has made me hundreds of dollars!

This app has made me hundreds of dollars! It’s my little secret. What use to take me couple hours to scan photos takes nearly 15-20 min!! You guys really did a great job with this app! EVERYONE SHOULD OWN IT!!!

Great app to save photos

This is a great app to save those old photos. The quality is great and cropping is very accurate. If you are trying to digitize old photos this is the app for you.

Great app for saving family memories!

Loved this app so much after using the trial that I had to purchase! Have scanned in over 3000 photos so far and have been able to take a tablet to my family in nursing care an identify people in pictures. Typing in names is SO EASY! App saves the names so I am not having to always re-type all the time. It makes my visits so much fun that I lose track of time and my family members LOVE it!

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